Start the Music – 041 The Alberta Punk Scene

On this episode I have a discussion with fellow Albertan punk rock¬†aficionado Shannon about the Alberta punk scene and so much more. Also, what does the bee waggle dance have to do with a person’s taste in music? Tune in! Better late than never! Track listing: 1. Better off Dead – Quitter 2. You’re Pretty […]

Start the Music 023 – Ron Saccoccio (Snubbed Records)

  On this episode an interview with Ron Saccoccio of Snubbed Records. We talk about the formation of the label, his band the Alements, working with Bill Stevenson of the Descendents and much more. Also an international assortment of music. Show Notes:¬†¬† Snubbed Records: website | twitter | facebook How to Ru(i)n a Record Label […]