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Start the Music! 015 – Shadow of Everest


This episode meets all Can-Con requirements as Kat is joined by all four members of Shadow of Everest, the band that this very podcast played a track from on its very first episode. We talk about being a band in Atlantic Canada, Tool, existing outside genres and their new EP “Idle Hands”. As well the track listing is full of bands from the Maritimes, who says they don’t put out great music?


Show Notes:

Book: A Distorted Revolution: How Eric’s Trip Changed Music, Moncton, and Me (amazon)
Shadow of Everest links: Website | Facebook | TwitterBandCamp


1. Feel the Same Way Too – The Rankin Family (Nova Scotia)


2. Behind the Garage – Eric’s Trip (New Brunswick)

Bandcamp / iTunes

3. Peter’s Dream – Lennie Gallant (Prince Edward Island)


4. Idle Hands – Shadow of Everest (Nova Scotia)


New Window: Start the Music! Episode 15 

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Start the Music! 007 – Chris Cote

This episode we’re going to bring some Southern California to your ears as I interview singer & bassist Chris Cote of the band Kut-U-Up on his way to grab some waves. Fun fact: This is the first interview I have ever done with someone in a wetsuit. We talk about the Pop Disaster Tour, quickly approaching the 15th anniversary of its last show (June 17, 2002) and the exploits of a band nobody knew accompanying two of the biggest pop punk bands of the time on tour (Blink 182 & Green Day). All that AND music from Chin Up, Kid & Sharp/Shock!

Music played on the podcast from their 2 song EP

As mentioned in the podcast:

Monday M.A.S.S with Chris Cote / iTunes

Buy the DVD “Riding in Vans with Boys” on Amazon


Shadow of Everest – New EP out June 9th 2017 “Idle Hands” (bandcamp)


1: Yesterday – Chin Up, Kid

Twitter: @ChinUpKidIN
Facebook / Bandcamp

2: Away from the Man – Sharp/Shock

Twitter: @SharpShock
Website / Heart & Skull

3: Eyeline – Kut-U-Up

Twitter / Facebook


New Window: Start the Music! Episode 7 

*As always thank you to all the bands who allow me to play their music. Support them if you can.


Start the Music! 001 – An Introduction

In this, the first episode of Start the Music! I explain what the podcast is all about and feature the single “The Victim” by Shadow of Everest. Note: As of writing this the podcast is still pending review on iTunes so, if you’d like to download the episode do so here and I hope the feed is up by next episode. Two weeks!

Also, I want your music! Email or DM me a link on twitter to your bandcamp/Reverbnation/Soundcloud pages and I’d love to feature some on the show.

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