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Start the Music! 016 – Taco Hell

This episode I have an interview with Taco Hell drummer Max Qayyum where we talk DIY, the importance of playing your own city first, and promoting a band in this internet age. There’s also music from Hunter Dumped Us Here and Youth In Revolt. Send me your recommendations!


Show Notes:

LIFE IN THE STOCKS Podcast: Episode 30 Interview with Frank Turner (but listen to them all)
Taco Hell links: BandCamp | Circle Records | Facebook | Twitter


1. Blue Treasure – Hunter Dumped Us Here

Twitter | BandCamp

2. The Broken – Youth in Revolt

Links to Buy their Music | Twitter

3. Girl Up (live) – Taco Hell


New Window: Start the Music! Episode 16 

*As always support the music you love by buying their songs, merchandise, and show tickets.

Start the Music! 002 – Brother Octopus

The first full-length, proper STM episode.

This week we have an interview and feature a track called Synth Cowboy from the Edmonton band Brother Octopus.

Brother Octopustaco hell old towns

Baby Teeth – Taco Hell
Over Again – Old Towns

What music is making your life a little better this week?
Kat rambles about the new Blink 182 single Parking Lot and would have talked about the single Misery if it hadn’t been released just after recording. Spoiler: it’s really good.

New Window: Start the Music! Episode 2