The Language of Eurovision

Eurovision is first and foremost a songwriting contest and language plays a huge part in that. Should the song be in English? The countries native language or maybe a mix of the two? Rat joins me on this episode to talk about Norway’s 2019 entry Spirit in the Sky by Keiino, jojking, and linguistics. 

Does adding an ethnic slant to the song through a native language, give it a leg up in the popular vote?

Note: Norway grabbed 291 votes from the public, 30 points more than the winner Duncan Lawrence

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Track listing:

  1. Keiino – A Spirit in the Sky (Norway: 2019)
  2. Jamala – 1944 (Ukraine: 2016)
  3. In Corpore Sano – Konstrakta (Serbia: 2019)
  4. Soldi – Mahmood (Italy: 2019)

Finding Eurovision is a 7-part podcast series about the Eurovision Song Contest and the music from a group of friends who watch it. #findingesc

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