Celebrating Måneskin, Past Winner of Eurovision

It’s been a wild ride, these seven episodes. 

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The last episode of Finding Eurovision is a talk about last year’s winner of Eurovision – Måneskin. These Italian superstars have seen their careers take off in a big way and a large part of that was their Eurovision win in 2021. 

Noise and I talk about the band, their fandom, and what it’s like to see them live. 

Enjoy the episode and thank you for listening.

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Track listing:

  1. Måneskin – Zitti e Buoni (Italy: 2021)
  2. Citi Zēni – Eat Your Salad (Latvia: 2022)
  3. Måneskin – I Wanna Be Your Slave (Live at Coachella 2022)
  4. Måneskin – Mamma Mia (link)
  5. Måneskin – Nom de la Padre (link)

Finding Eurovision is a 7-part podcast series about the Eurovision Song Contest and the music from a group of friends who watch it. #findingesc

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