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Finding Eurovision Day 7: Måneskin: 2021 Winner

Celebrating Måneskin, Past Winner of Eurovision It’s been a wild ride, these seven episodes.  If you like what you’ve listened to so far, please share the link to all the episodes: The last episode of Finding Eurovision is a talk about last year’s winner of Eurovision – Måneskin. These Italian superstars have seen their […]

Finding Eurovision Day 6: The Language of Eurovision

The Language of Eurovision Eurovision is first and foremost a songwriting contest and language plays a huge part in that. Should the song be in English? The countries native language or maybe a mix of the two? Rat joins me on this episode to talk about Norway’s 2019 entry Spirit in the Sky by Keiino, […]

Finding Eurovision Day 5: Growing Up With Eurovision

Growing Up With Eurovision Come in and chat, Acidica has some stories about growing up with Eurovision on TV (even on the news!) and how they fell both in and out of love with the song contest while growing up in Sweden. After all, as they say in the episode, Eurovision is religion in Sweden. While […]

Finding Eurovision Day 4: The Technical Side

The Technical Side of Eurovision Cue lights, sound, cameras! It’s time to get to the technical side of things! Day four takes a peek behind the scenes and behind the enormous curtain that is behind the scenes of Eurovision. Michael joins me to dazzle with technical facts (how many lights?!) and to uncover the wonder […]

Finding Eurovision Day 3: Artist Spotlights – The Roop and Jeangu Macrooy

The Roop and Jeangu Macrooy at Eurovision The most important part of Eurovision is the music! I sit down to talk to Oscar about two artists he’s getting into while waiting for Eurovision 2022: The Roop and Jeangu Macrooy! In this artist spotlight, we talk about their music, and their stage act, then delve deeper […]

Finding Eurovision Day 2: Representation on Stage

Representation and Diversity at Eurovision Moving on from American Song Contest, I sit down to chat on zoom with Isabelle in the United Kingdom about many topics including Conchita Wurst, the 2014 winner for Austria. This episode focuses on representation at Eurovision, how it attracts queer fans, two different types of drag and the idea […]

Finding Eurovision: The American Song Contest

Introduction & The American Song Contest Like the cover songs episode, Start the Music! presents talking and music with the first part of a seven-part series on Eurovision. The first half of the episode my partner Chris (from Doctor Who podcast Radio Free Skaro) and I talk about our adventures finding Eurovision and becoming fans. […]

Start the Music – 041 The Alberta Punk Scene

On this episode I have a discussion with fellow Albertan punk rock aficionado Shannon about the Alberta punk scene and so much more. Also, what does the bee waggle dance have to do with a person’s taste in music? Tune in! Better late than never! Track listing: 1. Better off Dead – Quitter 2. You’re Pretty […]

Start the Music 040 – Music Roundup: Fall Edition

The music has been piling up! This episode brings new (to the podcast) tracks from around the world, some shoutouts and… what more do you need? MUSIC!

Start the Music 039 – The History of Cover Songs

How did cover songs come to be what they are today? I discuss the evolution of the cover song from the 1940s to now and play some punk covers.