We’ve got catchy songs this week from Shinobi Ninja and Mr. Happy Chainsaw, and a 30 minute interview featuring Alex Kennard & Adam Veenendaal of the Ludvico Treatment. We talk shoegaze, Propagandhi, band members being in different parts of the country and still making music, Everclear concerts that got out of hand (video below) and how the Ludvico Treatment came to be celebrating 10 years together.

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Image: H.L. Goyer | Lettering: Alexis Young

As mentioned in the Interview:
Everclear performing at HMV in Calgary 1997

Doctor Who: Reality Bomb Podcast
Adam Vee Music Productions


1: What If Times – Shinobi Ninja

Twitter: @ShinobiNinja
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2: Standing There – Mr. Happy Chainsaw

Twitter: @MrHappyChainsaw
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3: Roads – The Ludvico Treatment

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New Window: Start the Music! Episode 6 

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