Jon Ginoli, founding member (guitarist, singer-songwriter) of the openly gay rock band Pansy Division is on the podcast. We talk about touring with Green Day in 1994, MuchMusic and staying together for 26 years. Also music!

The previous edition of this episode was missing parts of the podcast and has been fixed!

Mentioned on the podcast: 
Big Winter Classic in Calgary, AB
Regrettes – Hey Now music video

Pansy Division Links:
Official Website
Bandcamp | Spotify
Life in a Gay Rock Band documentary


1. Fault Line – Audio/Rocketry

Bandcamp | Facebook

2. Juice Box Baby – The Regrettes

Website | Spotify

3. Deep Water – Pansy Division

New Window: Start the Music! Episode 20 

*As always support the music you love by buying their songs, merchandise, and show tickets.

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