Month: March 2018

Start the Music 026 – Trashed Ambulance


On this episode, I have the pleasure to interview 2/3 of the Alberta punk band Trashed Ambulance. We discuss small town shows, NOFX and the band’s upcoming Canadian tour. CanCon! Thanks go out to Cythnia from Thousand Islands Records for helping set up the interview.

Show Notes:  

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1. Hung Up On Hope – Eternal Boy

Twitter |Youtube | Website

2. Garbage Lungs – The Bare Minimum

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3. Metronome – Trashed Ambulance


New Window: Start the Music! Episode 26 

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Start the Music 025 – The Ohio Players


On this episode, an interview with drummer James ‘Diamond’ Williams from the Ohio Players who are releasing new music for the first time in thirty years! We talk drum machines, funk, music these days, risque album covers plus music from France and Belgium.

Show Notes:  

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Trashed Ambulance at the Rendezvous Pub
Start the Music! Podcast Playlist


1. Stuck in Life – Fall Flavoured

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2. Chain Reaction – The Rocket

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3. A Story to Tell – Oh, Weatherly

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4. Reset – The Ohio Players


New Window: Start the Music! Episode 25 

*As always support the music you love by buying their songs, merchandise, and show tickets.


No episode this week, have an 80 song playlist instead!

Kat! There’s no new episode on the feed!

I know. I’m sorry. Whether it was Los Angeles or something back here in Canada, I got sick and I have no energy and I can’t talk for more than a few seconds without coughing. You don’t want to hear that, trust me.

What does that mean for the next episode?

Episode 25 will come out in two weeks and until then I made you the modern equivalent of a mixtape as an apology: a playlist on Spotify that contains all the music featured on the podcast (that is on Spotify) and a few extras.

That’s eighty songs put together just for you!

Listen on the web if you have a free account or paid accounts can use also mobile.

Please share and subscribe to the podcast so you can be one of the first to receive episode 25 when it drops. Sorry for the wait, but quality is important to me and I won’t put out a poor podcast just to put something out. Enjoy the music and feel free to leave a comment if you want something added to it or have a recommendation.