Month: June 2018

Start the Music 032 – Christopher Tyng (Composer)


This episode I’m excited to be joined by Christopher Tyng, composer for TV shows such as Futurama, Suits, Rescue Me as well as movies and video games. We talk about instruments (what’s a boobam?!) used in the music of Futurama and how the musical tone was established and we discuss the “death” of record labels and the seeming lack of gatekeeping. We’ll open with the Futurama theme, throw in a Cowmen track and close with a couple songs from Suits.

Welcome to the World of Tomorrow, everyone!
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Station on Jasper
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Futurama Theme – Christopher Tyng

Drinkin’ – The Cowmen
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Off to Jail (Suits) – Christopher Tyng

Zane vs Zane (Suits) – Christopher Tyng

New Window: Start the Music! Episode 32 

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Start the Music 031 – Music Break IV (Canadian Punk)


On this episode of Start the Music! we break from interviews for a (virtual) road trip across Canada to experience punk music from each of the provinces. We’ve got pop punk, bummer punk, hardcore and folk all jammed together. Airfare across Canada is expensive, enjoy this free podcast instead and then check out their bandcamp pages and pick up some more for the road. Click the link for the full collection.


St John’s, Nfld
Dividends – The Skeats

Halifax, Nova Scotia
Gottigen Street – Future Girls

Montreal, Quebec
Oxys – Debate Club 

Toronto, Ontario
A Coast to Another – Jon Creeden and the Flying Hellfish

Winnipeg, Manitoba
This Song is NOT About Sex – Stickaround

Regina, Saskatchewan
Frankencharlie – Almost Alien

Calgary, Alberta
Dollars and Sense – River Jacks

Vancouver, British Columbia
Overstimulated – Chain Whip


New Window: Start the Music! Episode 31 

*As always support the music you love by buying their songs, merchandise, and show tickets.