The Roop and Jeangu Macrooy at Eurovision

The most important part of Eurovision is the music! I sit down to talk to Oscar about two artists he’s getting into while waiting for Eurovision 2022: The Roop and Jeangu Macrooy!

In this artist spotlight, we talk about their music, and their stage act, then delve deeper than surface level about why this music speaks to us.

Track listing:

1. The Roop – Love is All We Got (Youtube)

2. The Roop – Yes, We Do (Youtube)

3. Birth of a New Age – Jeangu Macrooy (Netherlands: 2021)

4. Gold – Jeangu Macrooy (Youtube)

5. On Fire – The Roop (Lithuania: 2020)

6. Hatri̡ Mun Sigra РHatari (Iceland: 2019)

Finding Eurovision is a 7-part podcast series about the Eurovision Song Contest and the music from a group of friends who watch it. #findingesc

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