Start the Music 039 – The History of Cover Songs

New episode! New format! New segment!

How did cover songs come to be what they are today? Were they always tributes to the original artists? From a thesis paper that sparked the research, this episode, we change up the format and I discuss the evolution of the cover song from the 1940s to now and play some punk covers.

Discussion: What’s your favourite cover song?

Show Notes

Covers Uncovered: A History of the “Cover
Version,” from Bing Crosby to the Flaming Lips (thesis)

New Album: Songs that Saved My Life

SPIN Interview: The Flaming Lips   Flaming Lips & Pink Floyd Cover Album

Popular Musicology Online – Issue 2 – ‘Cover Songs’

Mike Ness of Social Distortion on Punk/Country covers 

STM Episode 21 – Sam Sutherland (exploring the DNA of music)

New Window: Start the Music! Episode 39 

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