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Start the Music 037 – Jeff Leisawitz (songwriting/author)

On this episode I talk to songwriting instructor, author and man of many hats Jeff Leisawitz. We talk about his job teaching songwriting at Pacific Lutheran University and his book available on Amazon (and other fine places) Not F*ing Around— The No Bullsh*t Guide For Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground because making music takes more than just talking about it.

Show Notes

Jeff’s book! Buy it!
Pacific Lutheran University
Marilyn Manson Keynote Address at MusicFest 1997
Pink Lemonade Records – twitter


Recoil – Choke

High School Sucks – Bronnie

What I Want – Bad Waitress
Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

Trash Talk – Brother Octopus
Bandcamp | STM Episode 2

New Window: Start the Music! Episode 37 

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Start the Music 031 – Music Break IV (Canadian Punk)


On this episode of Start the Music! we break from interviews for a (virtual) road trip across Canada to experience punk music from each of the provinces. We’ve got pop punk, bummer punk, hardcore and folk all jammed together. Airfare across Canada is expensive, enjoy this free podcast instead and then check out their bandcamp pages and pick up some more for the road. Click the link for the full collection.


St John’s, Nfld
Dividends – The Skeats

Halifax, Nova Scotia
Gottigen Street – Future Girls

Montreal, Quebec
Oxys – Debate Club 

Toronto, Ontario
A Coast to Another – Jon Creeden and the Flying Hellfish

Winnipeg, Manitoba
This Song is NOT About Sex – Stickaround

Regina, Saskatchewan
Frankencharlie – Almost Alien

Calgary, Alberta
Dollars and Sense – River Jacks

Vancouver, British Columbia
Overstimulated – Chain Whip


New Window: Start the Music! Episode 31 

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Start the Music 021 – Sam Sutherland


Canadian author, Youtuber, and podcaster Sam Sutherland joins this episode to talk about his book Perfect Youth: The Birth of Canadian Punk and the podcast he co-hosts Blink 155 that seeks to review all 155 Blink-182 songs and so much more.

Show Notes:  

Buy Sam’s book on Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Blink-155 on iTunes | Patreon
Youtube Channel: This Exists

G.F.Y Press (Chris Walter books)
The bass player for Helix and touring guitarist for Nelly Furtado is: Sean Kelly
The X-Files Files

Taco Hell Bandcamp page


1. Kill it With Fire – The Alements

Bandcamp | Facebook

2. Weather (or Not) – Jody Valiant

Youtube | Twitter

3. Mountain Road – Atlas



New Window: Start the Music! Episode 21 

*As always support the music you love by buying their songs, merchandise, and show tickets.


Start the Music! 010 – Christopher Holmes (Producer/Engineer)

We’re in the double digits and we’re celebrating by playing music from one of my personal playlists this week. We’ve got music from Motion City Soundtrack, Green Day and Blink 182.

My interview guest this episode has production credits which include work with Nine Inch Nails, Blink-182, +44, The Cure, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers amongst many others… This episode I talk to Christopher Holmes co-producer of Blink 182’s NeighborhoodsDogs Eating Dogs about his journey getting into the music industry, being an engineer vs being a producer, working with Blink 182 and his upcoming soundtrack work.

Also mentioned on the podcast: 

Chris Holmes mentions Butthole Surfers as an opening act to his first gig – Want to Check them Out?

New Propagandhi track! Victory Lap


1. The Future Freaks Me Out – Motion City Soundtrack

2. East Jesus Nowhere – Green Day

3. Dogs Eating Dogs


New Window: Start the Music! Episode 10 

*As always support the music you love by buying their songs, merchandise, and show tickets.


Start the Music! 007 – Chris Cote

This episode we’re going to bring some Southern California to your ears as I interview singer & bassist Chris Cote of the band Kut-U-Up on his way to grab some waves. Fun fact: This is the first interview I have ever done with someone in a wetsuit. We talk about the Pop Disaster Tour, quickly approaching the 15th anniversary of its last show (June 17, 2002) and the exploits of a band nobody knew accompanying two of the biggest pop punk bands of the time on tour (Blink 182 & Green Day). All that AND music from Chin Up, Kid & Sharp/Shock!

Music played on the podcast from their 2 song EP

As mentioned in the podcast:

Monday M.A.S.S with Chris Cote / iTunes

Buy the DVD “Riding in Vans with Boys” on Amazon


Shadow of Everest – New EP out June 9th 2017 “Idle Hands” (bandcamp)


1: Yesterday – Chin Up, Kid

Twitter: @ChinUpKidIN
Facebook / Bandcamp

2: Away from the Man – Sharp/Shock

Twitter: @SharpShock
Website / Heart & Skull

3: Eyeline – Kut-U-Up

Twitter / Facebook


New Window: Start the Music! Episode 7 

*As always thank you to all the bands who allow me to play their music. Support them if you can.


Start the Music! 002 – Brother Octopus

The first full-length, proper STM episode.

This week we have an interview and feature a track called Synth Cowboy from the Edmonton band Brother Octopus.

Brother Octopustaco hell old towns

Baby Teeth – Taco Hell
Over Again – Old Towns

What music is making your life a little better this week?
Kat rambles about the new Blink 182 single Parking Lot and would have talked about the single Misery if it hadn’t been released just after recording. Spoiler: it’s really good.

New Window: Start the Music! Episode 2