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Start the Music 029 – Sarah Stacey


On this episode, an interview with broadcast assistant Sarah Stacey from the radio station Today FM in Ireland. We talk about the current state of radio (evolving), listening to The Who’s Quadrophenia (how many times is too many?) and being a Beatles fan. Also: a Doctor Who inspired album, important instagram news and a new album is coming from a previous guest.

Show Notes:  

Today FM – The Last Word
The Who – Quadrophenia
Paul McCartney is not a Robot
BIRST.co.uk (student radio station)
The (Only) Night the Beatles Rocked Dublin (article)


1. Get Well Soon – The Real Sickies

Bandcamp | Facebook | Video

2. Looking for Amelia – Rebecca Lappa

Twitter | Website | Video

3. Anywhere in the Universe – The Sevateem

Bandcamp | Twitter

4. I Don’t Like Mondays – Boomtown Rats


New Window: Start the Music! Episode 29 

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Start the Music 025 – The Ohio Players


On this episode, an interview with drummer James ‘Diamond’ Williams from the Ohio Players who are releasing new music for the first time in thirty years! We talk drum machines, funk, music these days, risque album covers plus music from France and Belgium.

Show Notes:  

Youtube | iTunesSpotify
Trashed Ambulance at the Rendezvous Pub
Start the Music! Podcast Playlist


1. Stuck in Life – Fall Flavoured

Website |Youtube | Facebook | Spotify

2. Chain Reaction – The Rocket

Youtube | Facebook | Spotify

3. A Story to Tell – Oh, Weatherly

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify

4. Reset – The Ohio Players


New Window: Start the Music! Episode 25 

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Start the Music 020 – Pansy Division


Jon Ginoli, founding member (guitarist, singer-songwriter) of the openly gay rock band Pansy Division is on the podcast. We talk about touring with Green Day in 1994, MuchMusic and staying together for 26 years. Also music!

The previous edition of this episode was missing parts of the podcast and has been fixed!

Mentioned on the podcast: 
Big Winter Classic in Calgary, AB
Regrettes – Hey Now music video

Pansy Division Links:
Official Website
Bandcamp | Spotify
Life in a Gay Rock Band documentary


1. Fault Line – Audio/Rocketry

Bandcamp | Facebook

2. Juice Box Baby – The Regrettes

Website | Spotify

3. Deep Water – Pansy Division

New Window: Start the Music! Episode 20 

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Start the Music! 005 – Alan Hempsall

Episode 005 – Alan Hempsall

This episode it’s all about punk and post punk in this weeks fascinating interview. We have two great American bands and two tracks from our guest Alan Hempsall from the UK band Crispy Ambulance. If you have seen the indie movie/biographical film CONTROL about the life of Ian Curtis from Joy Division, you may recognize his name. This is a long episode folks, we’re getting close to an hour territory. I promise to talk as little as possible.

Twitter: @subliminal0ne
Website: SubliminalImpulse.com


1: BEST PART OF ME – Fatgrip

Twitter: @Fatgrip
Website / Soundcloud

2: YOUTH DECAY – When Thieves Are About

Instagram: @whenthievesareabout
Website / Bandcamp

3: PRESENCE – Crispy Ambulance

4: LOUPGAROU – Crispy Ambulance


New Window: Start the Music! Episode 5 

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(Click album art for iTunes links)


Start the Music! 004 – Real Sickies

Episode 004 – Show Notes

We have not two, but four tracks for you to listen to this week. Enhance your commute or make your house-cleaning a little less painful with some great music. This weeks feature is an interview with Ben Disaster from the Alberta band Real Sickies.

An important crowdfunding campaign for a feature documentary called Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché needs your help (deadline is May 2)


1: GODSPEED – Point North

Twitter: @Pointnorthband

2: TOUCH ME AGAIN – Petrol Girls

Twitter: @Petrol_Girls
Touch Me Again music video

3: DUALITY ft. Swain – Bells and Robes

Website & Swain

4: COOL CLUB – Real Sickies

real sickies


New Window: Start the Music! Episode 4 


Start the Music! 002 – Brother Octopus

The first full-length, proper STM episode.

This week we have an interview and feature a track called Synth Cowboy from the Edmonton band Brother Octopus.

Brother Octopustaco hell old towns

Baby Teeth – Taco Hell
Over Again – Old Towns

What music is making your life a little better this week?
Kat rambles about the new Blink 182 single Parking Lot and would have talked about the single Misery if it hadn’t been released just after recording. Spoiler: it’s really good.

New Window: Start the Music! Episode 2