Start the Music 021 – Sam Sutherland


Canadian author, Youtuber, and podcaster Sam Sutherland joins this episode to talk about his book Perfect Youth: The Birth of Canadian Punk and the podcast he co-hosts Blink 155 that seeks to review all 155 Blink-182 songs and so much more.

Show Notes:  

Buy Sam’s book on Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Blink-155 on iTunes | Patreon
Youtube Channel: This Exists

G.F.Y Press (Chris Walter books)
The bass player for Helix and touring guitarist for Nelly Furtado is: Sean Kelly
The X-Files Files

Taco Hell Bandcamp page


1. Kill it With Fire – The Alements

Bandcamp | Facebook

2. Weather (or Not) – Jody Valiant

Youtube | Twitter

3. Mountain Road – Atlas



New Window: Start the Music! Episode 21 

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